Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Most Common Homeschool Questions I Get Asked... and My Answers

Everyone has something to say when they hear that I'm homeschooling my kids. Most of it is positive:
"Oh! That's awesome!"
"I wish I'd homeschooled mine."
"We homeschool too! We love it!"

Then there are usual questions such as:
"What kind of curriculum do you use?"
"We were thinking of homeschooling. Can you go over some state laws with me?"
"Do you like it?"

You also get some pretty strange questions. (Well... that's mean. I shouldn't say "strange." Please change that to "unusual." Thanks.) These are the most common questions I get asked and how I answer them.

1. Do you have a teaching degree/What kind of training do you have?
No, I don't have a teaching degree. Nor do I need one. Degrees are for other people to be allowed to teach my children. Degrees are proof that they know what they're talking about. I know how my children learn, and I know how best to teach them. I don't need a degree for that.
My response:
"I don't have a degree. I don't need one." And I smile. :)

2. Aren't you worried about them falling behind?
Behind who? We don't follow any state curriculum, and our state doesn't require testing. There's no one to compare them to, so who are they going to fall behind? But I don't say this.
My actual response:
"No. Our curriculum is pretty extensive."

3. Do you get dressed?
I get asked these questions outside of my home. In public places. Where we are very obviously dressed. So to look at us will answer this question. However, I'm going to assume they mean do we get dressed at home when we're not going anywhere. In which case, I shall answer thusly:

4. How can you stand your kids being home all day? I'd go crazy!
I so badly want to say "I actually enjoy my kids. Just because your kids are crazy doesn't mean mine are." But that would be so rude, and since I'm representing Jesus in my every word and deed, I hold my tongue and say this:
"It's challenging at times. But the rewards are immeasurable."
There. That's much better. :)

And... the biggie:

5. What about socialization?
Ugh, I hate this one! Public school is not the only place to socialize your kids! I teach them social graces and manners at home, and we have Cub Scouts, homeschool co-op, and baseball practice. Plus, I take them to the grocery store, to the bank, to the library, to the Creation Museum, to the zoo...
There are plenty of opportunities to get my kids around kids their own age.
Plus... I was bullied in school as a kid. Mercilessly. There were several pregnant teens in my high school. Several. Cliques are very common, smoking, drugs and alcohol are a huge problem, not to mention cheating and stress and competition over grades.
So to answer this question, I look them in the eye and say:
"My kids don't need the kind of socialization public school has to offer."

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