Friday, September 12, 2014

My Newest Love

I have super long, super duper thick hair.
It's messy today (I haven't done anything with it yet), but you get the idea.

My hair tends to get in the way when I'm cooking or cleaning. I've tried those plastic claw clip thingies, but even the extra large ones wouldn't hold all my hair up. I don't know how to do a proper bun, and elastics get caught in my hair and have to be cut out, so i was forced to pull it all back with a scrunchie. Not very attractive. Plus, it gave me headaches and was very uncomfortable. I could cut my hair, but my husband likes it long. (And, truth be told, so do I.)

I was walking through Great Homeschool Conventions - Cincinnati and I saw a display for these really pretty hair clips. I stopped to look, wishing one would hold all my hair up. The woman working the booth asked if I'd ever heard of Lilla Rose before. I said no, but they were lovely. And I lamented how I'd wished one could hold up my hair. She looked at all my long hair, and held it in a ponytail with her hand to feel the thickness. "You'll need an extra large for a french twist, and a medium for a ponytail or a half-up." Then she directed me to the clips she had available in those sizes. Skeptical, I bought the extra large one. I took it home, and this is what happened:
It held my hair up! All of it! I couldn't believe it! Not only that, but this clip was comfortable, it didn't pull my hair, and I didn't get a headache even after wearing it all day!

After that, I was hooked. I tried the medium like she suggested for a ponytail and half-up:
It worked also! I can't express enough how much I love these Lilla Rose Flexi 8 hair clips!

And they're not just for people with long and thick hair.
Here's someone wearing a mini:
They also have bobbi pins and u-pins (the stars in the above pic). And headbands.

So, if you want pretty jewelry for your hair, just click here for my Lilla Rose website. You will not be disappointed! :)