Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: The 21 Toughest Questions Your Kids Will Ask about Christianity

Ok, so, I meant to have this review up ages ago, but life has been so hectic around here since we started homeschooling for the year. I have 2 kids I'm homeschooling now, and we've had some trouble getting into a routine. However, I think we've gotten most of the bugs worked out, and things should start to run more smoothly from now on.

Oh, plus I've been sick. I had a really bad ear infection and a sinus infection. And the antibiotic the doctor gave me knocked me out! lol! It's a good thing a friend of mine was available to take care of the boys. Otherwise I don't know what I would've done! I'm so thankful to God for her willingness to help.

Anyways, on to the book review. I was excited about this one. My biggest problem with people asking me questions (not just about the bible, but pretty much anything) is that I have trouble putting what I want to say into words. I might know the answer they're looking for, I just can't get it from my brain to my mouth. lol!

That's why I was excited about this book. It lists the most commonly asked Christianity questions from kids, and then it tells you how to answer them. That was a big problem for me growing up, I had questions and was told by adults "because the bible said so." Well... um... that's not an answer to my question. At all. I just assumed the adults didn't know. And I certainly don't want this to be true of my kids.

I did have an issue with this book. Sometimes I felt that the author was adding in unnecessary details and thereby skirting the actual question. Then at the end I felt that the particular question didn't receive a fair answer. But there was only once or twice when this happened.

All-in-all I was happy with this book. I feel much more prepared to defend my faith not only to my own children, but to any other children that may ask.

I especially loved one point of this book... one that I was afraid of. That it's ok to say you don't know. As long as you're willing to work to find the answer. This made me feel a bit better about my own imperfect knowledge of the bible. There's so much to learn and glean from the bible, that knowing everything contained in those pages is a lifelong process that will ultimately end when we come face-to-face with it's author.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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