Friday, June 28, 2013

Is the Search Finally Over?

UGH! I had no idea choosing a printer would be so difficult! I feel like I'm buying a new car! (Only... not nearly as expensive. lol)

See, we have a printer. We have an HP Inkjet printer. My husband uses it to print out his sermons for church, and I ask him to print things from time to time. And we go thru ink cartridges like crazy! So, I thought I'd look around to see what other options there are.

Laserjet seems to be the best option for us, considering Easy Peasy is heavy on printed pages. Ok, so, there are about a million and one laserjet printers out there! All I want is a printer that doesn't go thru ink (or in this case, toner) super fast.

Anyone that knows me knows how indecisive I can be. lol!

I'm leaning toward this one. Now I just need to save for it. :/

What about you? Do you have any printer suggestions?

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