Thursday, January 31, 2013

You're Never too Old...

I read somewhere recently that you're never too old for macaroni and cheese. I'm going to have to agree with that. It's certainly not just a kid's dish and it's wonderful comfort food. It's especially good if you put tuna in it. (I know that might sound gross, but if you like tuna, you should definitely try it.)

This got me thinking about other things you're not too old for. Like... well, like...

1. Hugging and kissing your parents. As teenagers, some of us might have been (or might currently be) embarrassed by our parents. (I never was. I was proud to say these were my parents. I never, ever hid from them when we were out and I ran into my friends.) That's an individual issue we must work thru. But as a teenager and even as an adult, I say you're never too old to hug and kiss your parents. Let them know how much you love them. Let them know how much you appreciate them. I lost my mom on December 7, 2010 (at the very young age of 54) and I can thankfully say that I hugged and kissed her right up until the end. I lived about 90 miles away, so I didn't get to see her very often. I praise God that I was at her house just 2 days before she passed away. So just 2 days earlier, I'd given her a hug and a kiss. My heart delights in the fact that, when my mother passed away, she knew I loved her.

2. Playing with toys. Come on. You all know it's fun. That's why some of us have kids. (I'm just kidding, of course.) Especially nowadays. Some of the toys my kids have now are way cooler than the toys I had when I was a kid. And I just love it when my boys bring out their remote controlled cars! Oh, I crash them into things, I ride them down the stairs... I even have the boys stand in different places with their legs apart and I try to drive the car under their legs like a bridge - without hitting their legs. (I miss quite often. They love it!) But there's nothing like getting out a toy to de-stress after a hard day. And it's a great way to bond with your kids. (You should've seen my dad and older brother playing with a Speed Racer car my boys got for Christmas one year. It flips completely over. They cheered it on! It was hilarious! Here is a link to the car on Amazon if you'd like to get one. It's cool. It drives, flips completely over, and keeps on driving.)

K, sorry... commercial over. back to the list.

3. Riding a bike. I know they make bikes for adults, and I'm not talking about super-serious mountain biking or losing-weight-and-keeping-fit biking. I'm talking about biking like kids do it. Get on and ride around, purely for the fun of it. To feel the wind on your face as you glide around, swerving back and forth. The feeling of freedom. That's what I always felt when I rode my bike as a kid. And riding a bike as an adult brings back that same feeling.

4. Learning something. I'm sure you've heard the phrase "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." Well, I don't really believe that. My dog is 14 and I taught him something new recently. (lol) But, with people, there's always an opportunity to learn and grow. There's new things you can experience. God created this whole world with surprises buried in it. How fun it is to discover a new treasure every day! :)

That's it for my list. Well... that's all I can think of right now. What would you add to the list?

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